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A Story for Aurelie

Aurelie posted this to her facebook, and I gotta say I really enjoyed the theory. In Toy Story why was Woody so rare? What happened to Andy's dad? I almost wish they would make it into a prequel movie. Here's the full video:

After watching it, I suddenly had an idea of how Emily and Andy Sr. may have originally met.

The First Date: 

Scene/Backgroud:  Andy is in his early twenties and wheelchair-bound from the Polio he contracted as a child.  He sees an ad for a local convention that will feature the voices actors of the original series, Woody's Roundup.  

Andy stared at the Ad, his excitement rising.  How cool would it be to get a picture taken with the voice actor and his genuine woody doll -- possibly even snag an autograph? Andy is hit with so many ideas he can barely string together words.  Creative frenzy taking over, he wheels into the garage to grab several packing boxes and begins tearing them apart with an X-acto knife. He knows exactly what he’s going do to – but…

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