A Story for Aurelie

Aurelie posted this to her facebook, and I gotta say I really enjoyed the theory. In Toy Story why was Woody so rare? What happened to Andy's dad? I almost wish they would make it into a prequel movie. Here's the full video:

After watching it, I suddenly had an idea of how Emily and Andy Sr. may have originally met.

The First Date: 

Scene/Backgroud:  Andy is in his early twenties and wheelchair-bound from the Polio he contracted as a child.  He sees an ad for a local convention that will feature the voices actors of the original series, Woody's Roundup.  

Andy stared at the Ad, his excitement rising.  How cool would it be to get a picture taken with the voice actor and his genuine woody doll -- possibly even snag an autograph? Andy is hit with so many ideas he can barely string together words.  Creative frenzy taking over, he wheels into the garage to grab several packing boxes and begins tearing them apart with an X-acto knife. He knows exactly what he’s going do to – but he only has until tomorrow morning.  Not much time at all.  Glue, Paint supplies, and cardboard everywhere, he works late into the night on his mysterious project. 

The next morning halfway across the city, Emily digs through an old box of her belongings. She kicks herself still for letting her Jessie doll go to charity in a box when she was younger. Rummaging through her closet, she shouts joyously as she pulls out a red hat she had been searching for. So many hours spent wearing it as she played with her Jessie doll, it was the one item she couldn’t let go of. The white band is badly stained from years of neglect, but it is the last item she needs to complete her cosplay of Jessie. Short on time, she removes the white band. She checks out the completed look in her full length mirror and smiles. She is a spitting image of her doll Jessie – down to apple red yarn for hair in a long braid tied off in yellow ribbon. Her heart sang from nostalgia – she did her old friend’s outfit justice. 

As the big day arrives, a long queue in the convention quickly forms. Former children now grown into young adults eagerly awaiting their chance to meet the voices of their favorite cartoon series. As Emily walks in, she takes in all the other excited patrons. Up ahead, her eyes are immediately drawn to a cute guy her age in a wheelchair. He’s adorable, but his outfit is what sets him apart. Attached to the back of his wheel chair, he’s fashioned the “butt” end of a horse. He almost looks like a centaur but with wheels. It takes her a second but she realizes – he’s dressed up as Woody’s horse, Bullseye! She giggles to herself just as he looks up and notices her eyes on him. For an extended moment, their eyes meet across the room and his warm smile makes her heart skip a beat. Blushing, she looks down but can feel him still looking at her. Her heart racing, she remembers the outfit she is wearing. Deciding how to react, she takes a deep breath and decides, “What would Jessie do?” 

Andy can’t recall crushing on anyone so hard before – especially from just looks alone. It must be her Jessie outfit – she looks outstanding! She has every detail perfect down to the pull string on her back! As he looks up, her eyes meet his and he locks onto her gaze. Busted staring at her outfit!  Shit!  She looks down and blushes, and Andy tears his eyes away from her and attempts to play it cool. She probably thinks I’m a creeper now. How long had he been staring?  While his mind raced with insecurity, a rowdy kid in the line behind him picked that exact moment to shout out, “What are you supposed to be? A horse’s ass??” The kid’s posse and a few people nearby snicker encouragingly. Andy’s ears burned and his shoulders slump forward. At that moment, he sure did feel like one. "Double shit," Andy whispered.

Emily hears the exchange as she walked toward the boy in the wheelchair. Idiot kids. That cardboard cutout probably took forever for him to make. As she got closer she could see her Bullseye suspicion confirmed. Over his shoulders riding tall, was an original Woody doll. Holy crap! It was pinned to collar of his shirt so Woody appeared to be going along for the ride. She had never even seen one before! And these kids had the audacity to make fun him? His costume was epic! Anger boiled over inside her. She bristled at obnoxious kids, “And what are you supposed to be? The horse shit it left behind?” For a heart beat the whole room stood shock silent. Then with a unanimous uproar, the entire convention erupted in laughter around them. Drowned out by the crowd, their ring leader sneered at her menacingly. Emboldened by her Jessie impersonation, Emily simply held her ground, hands on hips, and stared down their leader. Embarrassed and defeated, “Whatever.” is all he could think to say.  As he turned to leave, waves of laughter followed after him. 

 “Well, I never thought I’d see the day Jessie takes down Stinky Pete!” says a voice behind her. Emily grins and turns around. “Maybe if there had been a season 2, right?” She looks down at the boy dressed as Bullseye in a wheelchair. “Maybe”, he agrees. “I’m Andy”, he says with a smile and extended hand. “Emily”, she replies as she reached down to take it. This time she doesn’t look away when their eyes meet.


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