Buddy's Laughs

I hope everyone out there can relate to the amazing way you feel around a certain someone's laughter. J has become my best friend and deepest love. How can I describe the way it feels to hear her laugh? And not just any laugh - a reserved laugh. The one she keeps for me only. I've watched her laugh in front of strangers - a nervous frantic explosion of outbursts. It's like the fake laughing from Friends. In her office, it's all her co-workers hear. Completely fake. Out in public, that's all I'll usually hear from her. Next there is the more relaxed laugh/giggle combo. This she gives to close friends. The person that gets these the most is definitely Bruce, with Andrew the runner up. It borders flirtatous, but only to everyone else's ears. She swears she can't hear it in there. I hear it, but I don't tell her. Usually I'm too busy checking out her pretty smile. Third, there's the funny movie giggle - and I've only heard this twice. This one usually leaves her in tears. The last good one I got out of her lasted half an hour from Scary Movie 3: "If only I hadn't fallen asleep for that exact hour, if only I hadn't drunk that exact bottle of vodka, if only I hadn't hired that hooker...hey, wait. That was a different night." Yeah, I had to pause the movie for her to get it all out of her system. She still giggles when I remind her of the line. But the coolest part about J is that I'm one of the few to get her real laugh. The one that oozes delight and happiness. I can only describe it as a heart-warming symphony of short abrupt outbursts clamoring to leave her mouth all at once. It's a sound that you could feed off of. A sound to wrap up in to keep warm. I got one of these for the constipation burrito and another for the small nipples stories. She has got to be the most attractive woman I've ever known. It's all I can do to keep my hands off of her when she laughs.

On a side note, we are seeing Shrek 2 tonight for the film series. And yes, I'm a happy boy.


Amanda said…
Oh Robo...Can I tell you happy I am that you love my J so much?
fuckstick2020 said…
Ask her about Cheetos and the summer of 95. I hate Andrew. The two have nothing in common I just thought I would share. The cheetos should make her laugh a good laugh. :-)

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