Tales of the Roomate C

Okay, I'm assuming by reading this you are fairly aware of the previous happenings of C. If not, please read my girlfriend's post to get caught up.

All done? Great. A bit of more background for you: I got C arrested. His parole violation was partly my fault. Okay, so I'm going to share this with everyone so I can get the guilt out of my system.

Picture me, alone in the house with C gone on his way to St. Louis. I'm happily playing the Game Cube upstairs, when suddenly there is a knock on the door. C has only been back home for a week now and I figure that it is likely friends that want to see him. I start going down the staircase and two people have let themselves into the apartment. Um. So I try to be polite (mistake number one) and ask if I can help them (mistake number two) instead of going with my gut instinct and saying "Get the fuck out of my house!!" So two people I have never seen before, a 40 year old woman and another 40 year old man ask if C is there. I say no he's not. They ask where he is, and I tell them probably on campus getting his financial aid squared for the sememster. They ask if he still drives the same car, I say yes. A smart man would have asked for a name and reason by now, but not Robo.

Next they ask if they could talk to me. I say sure. Then they ask to come up. I shrug and say "I guess" still under the assumptions that they are C's weird friends (of which there are many). Once she is upstairs, she sees a CD case on the bookself and says that they are his parole officers and need to search the place. "Whoa! WAIT!" I'm not comfortable with this so I tell them to wait until C gets here. The last thing I want is to be mixed up with Feds. They tell me to try and call him, and they search anyway. In C's bedroom, they find a backpack. In the backpack I see them take out clothes, and a 120GB external harddrive?!? WHAT THE HELL?? How is that here? C was trying to get all the computer crap out! They ask me if I know what it is, and I say no. (I'm a freggin' computer engineer you dumb cooze -- of course I know what it is.)

So now they have C for the CD's and the Harddrive. Then they rummage through the boxes he left unpacked and find a CD burner (broken) that he took from Tony's computer. Lastly they find a stack of A drive disks. Apparently his parole encompassed anything that could store information of any kind. (Includes: Computers, Disks, Hard Drives, Studio sound equipment, and Burners.) C is in deep shit -- and I'm the one taking him there. I call all the friends of his I know, his parents, and his aunt Jennie. He was on his way to see his family since his grandma died the day before. So C turns around halfway to St. Louis and races back to Rolla. I tell the officers that I again do not approve of them taking anything until C gets here. They give me a reciept in responce, and leave anyway.

So skip forward to last Friday when I am summoned to appear at his trial.
The Facts:
1.) Judge, Procecuting Attorney, Parole officer, Forensics Expert: All female.
2.) Defense Attorney, Defendant, and all witnesses for Defense: All male.
3.) On the external harddrive: 50,000 pictures of S&M and bondage of naked females.

So already we have a problem.

They call up the nasty officer that searched his apartment without my permission. She outright lies and says there is only an outside door to C's place. She says she waited for me to invite her in. She also claims she saw me coming down the stairs to let them in. (Somehow magically through Venetian Blinds).

I tell my side and let her know that I've been living there for two years, and haven't managed that trick yet. Of the TWO doors in that apartment, the french door on the INSIDE is the only one I can see through. I also attest to C's good nature and determination not to violate his parole again. I don't think the judge bought it.

So with the help C's Dad confusing dates, and denial of packing the Harddrive in the backpack, I don't think C has a good chance. Things are looking bad.

Today he goes on the stand (again) to defend himself (again). When his parents get a verdict, they will call me, and I'll be letting everyone know here:

VERDICT(1): Suspended until October 30th. Apparently the prosecuting attorney managed to find new evidence against C twenty minutes before the hearing. His lawyer was lucky enough to postpone the trial until the new evidence could be reviewed. The judge's earliest available spot isn't for a month. So C stays behind bars until then. Again, on October 30th I will update everyone on the details.

VERDICT(2): Not guilty, but with a little jail time for a warning. So they managed to prove that the hard drive the Feds found was the same one from his first trial. In addition, he played it cool and the prosecutor was actually reprimanded for being too obnoxious to C in court. So he had to do 3 more months, two of which he already served while waiting for trial. So C finally got out in December. He had to give up his lease and move out, but he still likes to visit. I'll miss him as a roomie. He rocked my socks.


sunny said…
Robodude, it's not all your fault. You know that, right?

You're not actually the person who did anything wrong, and whatever you might have done to make the situation a little bit worse, you did more than you were obligated to do, to correct it. You done well, and you should be pleased with yourself no matter what. I'm sure Jess has been telling you the exact same thing, so I'll leave it at that :).

That being said, I for sure would like to hear the updates. The whole thing seems rather.. fishy.

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